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Vmware server 2.0, blank page on login

I was getting a blank page while trying to reach my vmware server web ui, with some really strange java script error, since few days.
I was also getting some error page in the log file of vmare-mui ( /var/log/vmware-mui )

[error] Failed to connect. Reason = (11) 501 Global command GLOBAL server-vmdb to non-host agent targets not supported.\n

After upgrading a new version of vmware server (2.0.2), the problem was still occurring. Really frustrating !

I finally made it working.

Basically it is an incompatibility between the web ui of vmware server during the ssl 3.0 handshake, which is crashing the server.
The javascript errors was coming from partially loaded files.And due to the watchdog which is protecting the webserver, I never really notice that the server was crashing really often !

The solution is to activate the ssl 2.0 on your firefox. To do so, put about:config in the url, pass the warning page.
And activate the ssl 2.0 by changing the flags

security.enable_ssl2 : true
security.enable_ssl3 : false